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5 Speciality Stores at Gift Acres Shopping Centre

Gift Acres Shopping Centre Pretoria

5 Speciality Stores you can visit at Gift Acres Shopping Centre

Gift Acres Shopping Centre, nestled in the east of Pretoria, is a retail haven that caters to a diverse range of shopping needs. Among its array of stores, there are five speciality shops that stand out for their distinct offerings. Let’s explore them below.

Gift Acres Shopping Centre Offers a Unique Variety of Shops

Discover these 5 unique speciality shops at the Gift Acres Shopping Centre:

  1. BBB Exclusive Boutique

Shop number 25 and 26 in the Gift Acres Shopping Centre houses the perfect location for the fashion-forward and style-conscious, namely BBB Exclusive Boutique. This high-end boutique showcases a curated collection of exquisite clothing, accessories, and footwear.

  1. Cosmic Comics

Calling all comic book enthusiasts and pop culture aficionados! Cosmic Comics is a treasure trove of graphic novels, vintage comics, action figures, and collectables found at shop number 35 at the Gift Acres Shopping Centre. Step into this colourful realm where imagination knows no bounds.

  1. Solomons Cycles

Gift Acres Shopping Centre is also home to Solomons Cycles – shop number 11A. If you’re a cycling enthusiast or someone who enjoys leisurely rides, Solomons Cycles has got you covered. Their expert staff can help you find the perfect fit and guide you on the best cycling accessories and maintenance tips.

4. Thule

Thule, a store dedicated to outdoor adventure and travel, is a paradise for explorers and wanderers. From durable and stylish backpacks to rugged and versatile camping gear, Thule ensures you’re well-prepared for any expedition. Their range of roof racks, cargo carriers, and bike racks is designed to enhance your travel experiences, allowing you to take your outdoor gear wherever you go. Shop number 2 is where you’ll find Thule.

5. Vet Hyper

Caring for your beloved pets is a top priority, and Vet Hyper is a one-stop shop for all your pet care needs. This speciality store offers a wide selection of premium pet food, grooming products, toys, and accessories. Additionally, you’ll find a qualified team of veterinary professionals providing services such as vaccinations, check-ups, and expert advice on pet care. Vet Hyper not only caters to the health and well-being of your furry friends but also fosters a pet-loving community.

Gift Acres Shopping Centre stands out for its commitment to offering diverse shopping experiences, and these speciality stores play a significant role in creating a vibrant and unique shopping environment. Click here now to find our operating hours, address and contact details or click here to get directions to the Gift Acres Shopping Centre from your current location.

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