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A Hairdresser Near You

Looking For A Hairdresser? Visit Gift Acres!

If you live near Gift Acres Convenience Centre, you will be happy to know that we have two different hairdressers – one for gents and one for ladies and unisex styles. Gents Barber is best suited for men who want to look and feel fresh, whether it’s for a quick and simple cut or something more intricate for a formal occasion, while Hair Trends is for those who need access to a variety of hair care services, such as colouring, cutting and styling, and hairdos for special occasions. In this article, we will look at the different events for which you will need a hairdresser, as well as popular hairstyles in 2023.

Beyond A Simple Haircut: The Other Occasions To Visit A Hairdresser

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Getting a haircut can make you look good and feel great. Some people go once or twice a month, while others only go when it’s absolutely necessary and their hair becomes unmanageable. However, there are many different reasons you can (and should get a haircut).

Below is a list of different occasions where a trip to the hairdresser will work wonders:

  • Weddings
  • Job interviews
  • Parties
  • Special events and galas
  • Graduations
  • Donating hair to charity or supporting a cause
  • Other major life events

Popular Hairstyles In 2023

Regardless of the occasion, there are still trends you may want to follow or which you may be interested in. Below are a few hairstyles that are popular among men and women in 2023.

Men’s hairstyles:

  • The skin fade or blended fade (a classic yet modern style)
  • The buzzcut (short and sweet)
  • The short mullet (yes, it’s back)

Ladies’ hairstyles:

  • The pixie cut (if you want a shorter cut that does not look like the dreaded “Karen cut”)
  • Layered cut and style (a versatile cut perfect for both formal and informal occasions)
  • Traditional medium length (a timeless cut with a lot of staying power)

Find Your Ladies or Gents Hairdresser At Gift Acres

Gents Barber and Hair Trends are ready to take you on as a client, no matter what your requirements are. Whether it’s something stylish and reserved or something bolder that will turn heads, you are sure to find what you are looking for. The hairstylists at both shops will be able to advise you on current hairstyle trends, but don’t be afraid to ask for something different! Contact us for more information on our hairdressers and the many other stores you can visit at Gift Acres Convenience Centre.

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