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Looking for a hairdresser near you?

Hairdresser near me

What to Look for in a Hairdresser Near Me

Everyone needs some grooming now and then. We all like to feel fresh and stylish in our daily lives. This is why having a hairdresser you can rely on is so important. You need to know that whoever is styling your hair knows what they are doing.

Now, many of us have typed in the tried and tested phrase, “hairdresser near me”, into Google and this is a great start. But, you can’t always pick the first result that pops up in the hopes that everything will work out.

We at Gift Acres share some handy tips on how to choose the best hairstylist:

  1. A Good Listener: Yes, we know that many people love to gossip with their stylist, but that is not what is most important. Of course, it is lovely to have someone who can actually maintain a conversation, but what you really need is someone who listens to your needs. This means that they consult with you about what you want to have done and then act accordingly or give you the appropriate advice.
  2. Honest to a fault: While we never like criticism, an honest stylist is a good one. You need someone who can tell you that a style of bangs may not suit your face shape, or that cotton-candy pink is not an appropriate colour for a job interview.
  3. Adaptable: Hair trends are ever evolving and a good hairdresser knows how to change with the times. It doesn’t help to ask for the latest style and for your stylist to be clueless about what you’re asking for. After all, they need to make your hair fantasy a reality.

So, now that you know what to look for, it may be time to narrow down your search even further.

Hairdresser Near Me at Gift Acres

If you happen to live in Pretoria and find yourself on Lynwood Road, why not make a stop at Gift Acres Convenience Centre? We have a variety of stores located at our centre, all of which can cater to a vast number of needs. These include a hairdresser or two.

If you check out our handy store guide, you will discover our incredible shops and hair stylists on offer. Located right next door to Matrix Warehouse, you will find Shop 22 – Hair Trends. At Hair Trends, they believe that hairdressing involves more than simply cutting hair. It is about making one look good so that one can also feel good. They believe that a good hairdresser is a stylist and a good listener, all in one. As such, they take the individual needs of their clients into account during each appointment. They assess what is needed with regard to colour and style, and alter or enhance accordingly. They do all this with one purpose in mind: to make sure that the client feels confident and beautiful.

If you are a guy, not to worry! We also have a barber. Yes, Gents Barber is located right next to our Builders Express for all the stylish gentlemen out there. And you can pick up some tools on your way. How convenient! With over 8 years’ worth of experience, you know you’re in good hands with this barbershop. They keep up to date with the latest men’s hair trends, offering customers peace of mind and leaving you looking modern and sleek.

Contact Gift Acres today and get styled to perfection this season with the assistance of that ever-important hairdresser near me.

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