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Finding a Pet Store Near Me

Pet store near me

You finally gave in to the kids’ begging and pleading and got a pet that now needs to be fed and taken care of. Or you have an old, faithful companion that you just want to treat. Pets are, after all, part of the family, and deserve the best you can offer. The only problem you may have flitting through your mind is, “Where can I find a pet store near me?” Well, the answer may be simpler than you think.

How Can I Find a Pet Store Near Me?

Now, the easiest would be to type what you need into your search engine of choice. Perhaps you’d use a phrase like “Best pet stores in Pretoria” or simply “pet store near me”. If you are a resident of Gauteng (especially if you reside in the Lynnwood area), you will be directed right to one of the best retail convenience centres in Pretoria – Gift Acres.

Gift Acres can offer you the ultimate shopping experience, from grocery stores to beauty salons and speciality stores (like that elusive pet store you’ve been searching for). If you’re worried about how to find us, we are located on the corner of Lynnwood and Gift Acres Road. Still struggling? Why not make use of our handy directions?

Vet Hyper – Your Go-To Pet Store at Gift Acres

Now you’re probably thinking “Great, I’ve found an amazing convenience centre, but what about the pet store?” The good news is, located right between Woolworths and Oasis Water (refer to our Store Guide for more information), you’ll find the answer to all your pet needs – Vet Hyper.

Vet Hyper offers you the very best in pet-care products. Their mission, in their own words, is “to encourage the health and well-being of all pets.” What more could you ask for? As Vet Hyper is 100% veterinary-owned, it guarantees that they have access to the best in premium pet products, all while ensuring the health, safety and well-being of your beloved pet. Vet Hyper stocks all the veterinary-approved and popular brands: Royal Canin, Hills, Eukanuba, Vets Choice, Iams, Burgess, UltraDog, Acana, and Orijen. This means that you are not limited in your choices and your pet will only receive the best at mealtimes.

Pet store near me

If you need medication, Vet Hyper stocks that as well. Never again will you have to worry about your pet getting fleas, ticks, or worms with Vet Hyper nearby. There are even supplements available to ensure your pet is living its best life. Of course, they are not lacking in other products, with items ranging from pet beds to toys and grooming products. If you’re still in the training phase, Vet Hyper also offers training products like puppy pads and sprays. They don’t discriminate pet-wise and cater to a variety of animals, though they are more focused on dogs, cats, and small mammals.

If this sounds like pet heaven, then visit or contact Vet Hyper to stock your shelves with much-needed pet goodies. Next time you’re looking for the perfect pet store near you, come straight to Gift Acres Convenience Centre or contact us directly. Your pets will love you for it!


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