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Tattoo artist near me

Why do people get tattoos? Well, because it’s a fun and unique piece of statement art. It can commemorate an important event, memory or time in your life, or it can be in remembrance of someone special. You may simply decide to get one on an impulsive whim, which we don’t judge as you only live once after all.

Still, one has to be mindful of the risks involved in getting a tattoo from unreliable, unprofessional tattoo artists. An unhygienic environment can cause health problems, like skin infections. While an unskilled or poorly trained artist can leave you with an embarrassment that’s not easily removed. Unfortunately, it may not be wise to just choose the first tattoo parlour you stumble across after haphazardly searching for a “tattoo artist near me”. But the good news is that, if you come across Gift Acres Convenience Centre during your search, you will be in excellent hands.

Tattoo Tony Creations – The Ultimate “Tattoo Artist Near Me”

If you’re looking to Gift Acres to find that perfect “tattoo artist near me”, you will find an excellent option in the form of Tattoo Tony Creations. It’s close to Woolworths, so you can treat yourself to something yummy in celebration of your new tattoo.

You needn’t worry about the process of getting your tattoo. Tattoo Tony Creations maintains a high standard of cleanliness and only produces the highest quality of work. They also boast amazing tattoo artists, so can rest assured that you’ll be in well-trained hands. There’s Tony, the owner and senior artist, along with Dean and Alistair, also senior artists, as well as Tim, their apprentice and junior artist. They are all serious about your lifelong commitment and are there for you to consult about any concerns you may have.

You’ll also have no problem when it comes to options. Tattoo Tony Creations is a custom tattoo lounge, which means that these talented artists can even design an original piece just for you. Each of the tattoo artists has their own set of specialities.

Tattoo artist near me

The owner, Tony Weintraud, specialises in realism, oriental and comic art. He has been part of the industry since 1996 and studied Fine Art and Graphic Design. As a well-known and accomplished player in his industry, he has been awarded sponsorships by World Famous Ink in America and Aquavita Water.

Dean Clarke apprenticed under Tony himself in 2010 after completing a degree in BA Information Design. He has attended national and international tattoo conventions, so he can offer you on-trend designs.

Alistair Magee also started tattooing in 2010. He loves to be imaginative, and you are guaranteed to walk away with something rare and creative. He even believes that there are no rules when it comes to style. So, if you think your design makes no sense, then Alistair will turn it into something that looks cool.

Then there’s Timothy Cretney, their new junior artist. He’s working under Tony and Dean’s guidance, so he is bound to blossom into a great artist in his own right.

Contact Tattoo Tony Creations today for a quote or visit Gift Acres to meet this genius team of tattoo wizards and get a free consultation to let your tattoo dreams finally to come to life.


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