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Home Decor | Affordable Home Décor at Gift Acres

Home Décor

Affordable Home Décor Solutions at Gift Acres


Home décor breathes life into your living space, transforming your house into a home. It’s the magic touch that reflects your unique personality, creating a haven that is both comfortable and stylish. At Gift Acres Convenience Centre, we understand that creating your oasis of tranquility is the difference between existing in a space and truly thriving in it and having everything you need to complete the transformation.

Home Décor

DIY Enthusiast or Design Devotee?

Whether you prefer trying your hand at sprucing up a room or feel that it is a task best left to the professionals, you will find all the home décor items that you need at Gift Acres Convenience Centre. Builders Express is your one-stop shop for DIY supplies, Lomtis Home offers expert design consultations and Euro Appliances can help you find the perfect finishing touches for your kitchen. From floor to ceiling, experiment with design concepts and discover hidden skills to create a space that’s both stunning and functional.


Luxury for Less

At Gift Acres Convenience Centre, stores like Lomtis Home and Builders Express help you achieve your design goals without blowing your budget. They offer home décor tips, stylish solutions and expert advice to transform your home into an affordable haven you will love. If you are ready to create a showstopping space without having to take out a loan, here are some budget-friendly decorating tips:


  1. Create an accent wall

Accent walls are an effective way to add personality to a room. Pick a bold colour for one wall and then tie it in all together with artwork and home décor that echo the colours of the other walls. This not only creates a cohesive look but adds a pop of personality that won’t overwhelm the room. Consider getting paint samples from Builders Express so that you can mix and match various colour schemes.


  1. Revive your kitchen

Sanding existing cabinetry and changing the colour, swapping out handles for more modern designs or trading in your old appliances for new ones, go a long way to reviving the heart of the home. Chat with the kitchen specialists at Euro Appliances to get ideas on how to transform your kitchen.


  1. Ceilings and floors

Now that you have your paint samples from Builders Express, and have consulted with Euro Appliances, it’s time to see how Lomtis Home can change your ceilings by including something as simplistic as cornices. These decorative moulds add character to any room, whether your home décor style is simplistic or intricately patterned. You may even consider redoing your floors.

Ideally situated in Pretoria, Gift Acres Convenience Centre has everything you need to transform your house into a home to be proud of. Remember, every little home décor change that you make, leads to a big difference. Contact us or pop by and take your time to browse our speciality stores and more.

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