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How to Find a Furniture Store Near Me

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Every home needs furniture and not just any furniture, but good quality pieces. There’s no nicer feeling than getting back to your house or apartment and sprawling out on your favourite couch or enjoying a meal on your carefully selected dining room furniture. But, first, you need to find a furniture store that can spark that welcoming feeling of home.

There are the usual ways of searching for a quality furniture store. You could drive around in the hopes of stumbling across a furniture store and then assessing its standard with a quick check. Or you could take the more modern approach of opening Google, typing in “furniture store near me”, and then spending the rest of your day scrolling through a seemingly never-ending list of stores. In doing so, you may come across excellent furniture store options at Gift Acres Convenience Centre. Then, instead of traversing across town hoping to find what you’re looking for, come on down to Gift Acres on the corner of Lynnwood and Gift Acres Roads and see what’s on offer.

Gift Acres is Your Answer to a “Furniture Store Near Me”

Gift Acres is a convenience centre that is open from Monday to Sunday for all your daily shopping needs. And, when we say, “all your needs,” we do mean all of them as we proudly offer a variety of stores and service providers. Anything from grocery stores to restaurants and, yes, even furniture stores! We want to introduce you to a few options for your furniture needs.

Falcon Furniture

Falcon Furniture’s mission is to provide you with high-quality furniture at premium prices and even customisation on all their offers. The best news is that production only takes two to four weeks, so you won’t have to wait an eternity to furnish your home. Here you will find a vast range of products, including, lounge furniture in wood or leather; beds and mattresses; recliner and wingback chairs; and various types of bedroom furniture.

If this sounds like the store for you, you can find them at Shop No. 24 right next to Matrix Warehouse. You could also contact them via email at, via telephone at 064 506 4521, or via cell phone at 078 756 6370.

Other Options

Of course, we here at Gift Acres can always offer you more than one store when you’re in search of a “furniture store near me”. For example, maybe you’re not looking for something that’s brand new. Second-hand furniture can be a great addition to a home and is often far less pricey. In that case, you can head on down to Shop 19, Cash Converters, where you are bound to find an impressive range of “pre-loved” furniture, and at great deals.

Maybe you are a hands-on type of person and you’d rather take the good-old DIY route. Maybe you would like to spruce up that second-hand chair you purchased. Then, you can head over to Builders Express for all your home and DIY needs.

With many options available at Gift Acres, there’s no need to search for a “furniture store near me” as you’ll know where to go. Or, if you still prefer to do a quick search, “furniture store near me” will most certainly point you to the top-quality stores at Gift Acres. Contact or visit us today to find out what we can offer you.

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