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Indulge Your Taste Buds At Gift Acres Shopping Centre

Indulge Your Taste Buds This Winter At Gift Acres Shopping Centre

indulge your taste buds at Gift Acres Shopping Centre

We are in the midst of Winter. The cold tends to sap our energy and demotivate us from doing much, including activities like cooking. Luckily, Gift Acres Shopping Centre has the trifecta of food for everyone to enjoy: fast, fresh, and meaty. Each of these categories represents a different aspect of enjoying food. In the article below, we will cover some of the best shops and fast-food outlets that fall into these categories, all available at Gift Acres.

KFC: Something Fast

Whether you want to sit down or order your food on the go to your warm and comfortable abode, KFC is the perfect choice. This chain restaurant is famous for its finger-licking good chicken and wide selection of different dishes, from everyone’s favourite chicken piece combos to fiery wings and tasty wraps. KFC is definitely a classic family destination and Gift Acres Shopping Centre’s branch is waiting for you to make the streetwise choice.

Woolworths Food: Something Fresh

For those who prefer something fresher and healthier, or who simply do not want to risk the temptation of being inside a fast food restaurant, Woolworths Food is the logical choice. They have a superb selection of organic and hearty foods, including healthy ready-made meals to fresh ingredients to prepare your own feast. They are famous for their superb quality and commitment to sustainability, which means you get a lot of value out of every bite.

Hokaai Meat Market: Something Meaty

Meat lovers will enjoy a trip to Hokaai Meat Market. Braaiing in this bitter cold may seem like a fool’s errand, but it’s actually a smart move – you get to warm up next to a blazing fire and get to enjoy the delicious taste of braai meat for all your efforts. Nothing beats a medium-rare steak chargrilled on the braai and seasoned to perfection, or perhaps a rack of lamb with a rub made of rosemary and kosher salt. Even if you are craving white meat like chicken, you can stock up at Hokaai Meat Market. You don’t even have to braai if you don’t want to – pop a whole chicken in the oven or pan-sear your chops in a bit of garlic butter. If your mouth is watering, you know where to go!

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