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Looking For The Best Hair Dresser Near Me

Hair Trends | Hairdressing Store | Gift Acres | Lynwood

Imagine this: you’re invited to a special event, you have an entire look planned out, and then you see them, those dreaded split ends or fading colour revealing your roots. You need a hair dresser!

Before you can perfect your look, you’ll need to find a hair dresser, but you also don’t want to settle for anything but the best. After all, your hair is an important feature and it deserves the best. You need a salon that can offer you quality at reasonable prices, and who have the experience to put you at ease knowing that you are in expert hands. It would also be nice to find someone who will treat you, the client, well and make you feel welcome. So, you desperately begin your search for the “best hair dresser near me” and are swiftly accosted with a slew of options. How do you choose the right option?

Our Choice for the Best Hair Dresser Near Me and You

Not to worry. A solution is closer than it seems. Gift Acres Convenience Centre has a variety of shops that can cater to every one of your needs. From DIY to grocery stores, and even speciality services, we have everything you need. The best part is that we are conveniently located on the corner of Lynnwood and Gift Acres Road, in Pretoria East, and are easy to find thanks to our handy directions.

Now, before we get too excited and start telling you about our amazing stores, let’s focus on the matter at hand. In our humble opinion, we can offer you the best hair dresser for anyone who has a “passion for hair”. Right next to Matrix Warehouse, in store 22, you will find Hair Trends – if you struggle to find it, you can simply check out our convenient store guide to help you out.

Hair Trends and What They Offer

If you’re looking for a hair dresser that believes that there’s more to hairdressing than simply cutting hair, then look no further. At Hair Trends, hairdressing is about making someone not only look good but feel good too. They believe that a good hair dresser should be both a stylist and psychologist, and should go out of their way to meet a client’s every need. In fact, as a client, your needs will be assessed before the stylist begins to make changes. They will then use colouring and/or styling to alter and enhance your unique hair in a way that brings out your natural beauty.

Hair Trends is also a Schwarzkopf professional salon, which means that you can be assured of the highest quality services. It also means that Hair Trends stocks Schwarzkopf products for you to maintain your glorious new hairdo. Some of the premium products include Schwarzkopf Pureology, Mouliding Glaze, and ICON, so you will be spoiled for choice.

Visiting Hair Trends is also convenient as their operating hours are quite reasonable, so it shouldn’t be hard to find a time slot that suits you. They are open on Monday to Friday from 08:30 to 17:00, and on Saturday from 08:00 to 15:00. The only time these are subject to change is on public holidays.

Book your next appointment to ensure that your hair complements your look for special occasions or confident everyday wear by getting in touch with Hair Trends or you can contact us directly for more information.

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