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Matrix Warehouse | Latest Tech Trends

Matrix Warehouse

Find the Latest Tech Trends at Matrix Warehouse in Gift Acres

Staying abreast of the latest technological advancements is about having the latest tech trends, significantly improving work efficiency, and keeping you entertained. Whether you are on the hunt for a new laptop, an avid gamer looking to update to the latest gaming gear or need the assistance of skilled IT innovators, you will find exactly what you need at Gift Acres Convenience Centre, home to Matrix Warehouse in Lynnwood.

Matrix Warehouse

Why Shop at Matrix Warehouse?

In the ever-evolving tech world, Matrix Warehouse stands out by offering the most up-to-date, top-tier technology. From entry-level to high-end, you will find the laptop, PC unit, Notebook and accessories, to name a few, that you need for personal or business use. Together with its extensive pre-built selection, Matrix Warehouse provides the unique advantage of custom PC building, which is especially useful for gamers and power users requiring cutting-edge machines to stay ahead of the curve.


Power-Up on Cutting-Edge Technology

While Matrix Warehouse dominates the gaming scene with superior tech tools, their expansive product range also encompasses:

  • Personal and business hardware – select new laptops or all-in-one PCs from brands that have made a mark in the industry. If you prefer keeping your trusted tech, Matrix Warehouse offers upgrades
  • Gaming – choose from a wealth of the best gaming brands that will give you the reliability and performance needed. Knowing that pro gamers prefer custom-built PCs for a more competitive edge, their computer components section allows you to build your dream gaming PC. You can also splurge on the latest consoles and specifically designed, gaming chairs
  • Monitors – powerful computers need fantastic high-definition picture-perfect displays. Choose from a variety of monitors that provide the sharpest, clearest images and some, higher refresh and response times
  • Connectivity – Matrix Warehouse offers both LTE and Wifi routers keeping you connected whether at home, in the office or travelling
  • Storage – trade-in your hard drive for the lightening-fast performance of solid state drives (SSDs) which deliver near-instantaneous data access, rapid boot times and faster file transfers
  • Accessories – accessorise your computer hardware with keyboards, headsets, mics, speakers and so much more

The gadget gurus at Matrix Warehouse will not only guide you in finding the equipment you need but they are always on hand to answer questions, diagnose problems and perform repairs, giving you peace of mind knowing that the item you select will always be backed up by reliable tech support.


Your Haven for Diverse Shopping Excursions

Ideally situated in Pretoria, Gift Acres Convenience Centre offers customers speciality stores and more, that cater to your every whim. Within our corridors, not only will you be able to purchase innovative technology, but you can renovate your kitchen with bespoke kitchenware from Euro Appliances, get on top of your exercise regime with high-end bicycles from Solomons Cycles and stock up on essentials from Woolworths Food. What we offer you is accessibility to a range of services under one roof.

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