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Pet | Fun Activities to Enjoy with Your Pet


Spring into Action: Fun Activities to Enjoy with Your Pet in Warmer Weather

 Longer days and warmer weather are the perfect time to bond with your pet. Exploring new places, experiencing new smells, picnics under shaded trees and hiking trails are but a few of the adventurous activities that await you and your companion. Making sure that bellies are full, coats remain shiny, and they are protected from ticks and fleas before heading out into the great yonder, is Gift Acres Convenience Centre where you will find a store that specialises in all matters pet related, namely Vet Hyper.


Strengthening that Special Bond

Vet Hyper is passionate about fur babies, whether it is seeing to their nutrition and overall health or training and know that by keeping your pet active you are providing them with much-needed mental and physical exercise. Plus, spending quality time together strengthens the special connection that you already have with them. It’s time to tap into your playful spirit and trust the experts at Vet Hyper to share some fun activity suggestions with you, while the weather still permits.

1. Splash around!

We know that cats aren’t huge fans of water, but dogs seem to be drawn to puddles, ponds, and pools. Fill up a small but sturdy paddle pool where they can splash around to their heart’s content. If you have an inground pool, let them swim with you. Swimming is an excellent exercise for you and your dog.

2. Make some yummy, cool treats

Just as you would make ice lollies for the kids, you can do the same for your pet. Make some frozen doggy and cat treats with food that can blend easily and is pet-friendly. On very hot days, these will go down a treat and help in keeping them cool.

3. Camping and hiking

Going camping or hiking together, you will find that being away from the hustle and bustle, breathing in the clean, fresh air will do wonders for the both of you. The best part is that you can exercise freely together without having to worry about other road users. Just make sure that you pack enough dog food from your favourite pet store, Vet Hyper. If you are looking for a pet hyper that specialises in imported products aimed at enriching your pet’s environment and development, then look no further than Vet Hyper. From cat food to pet toys, we have everything you could possibly need and want to keep your pet healthy, happy, and entertained.

Shopping Convenience on Your Doorstep

Looking after your pet by purchasing veterinary-backed pet food and supplements need not require travelling further than Pretoria. Ideally situated on the corner of Lynnwood and Gift Acres Roads, Gift Acres Convenience Centre welcomes shopaholics, fitness fanatics, tech nerds and pet lovers alike. Contact us to find out more about our speciality, grocery, and other convenient stores.

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