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Pet Store | Luxury Pet Supplies at Gift Acres

Pet Store

Find Luxury Pet Supplies at Gift Acres’ Pet Store

As an extension of your family, your furry companion deserves the best nutrition, tasty treats and luxuries a premier pet store offers. Nestled within the expansive corridors of Gift Acres Convenience Centre is Vet Hyper, a wonderland for animal lovers. From squeaky toys to cosy beds and scratching posts, you will find everything you need to keep your fur baby happy and healthy.

Pet Store

A Pet Store with a Difference

What makes Vet Hyper unique is that they are a veterinary-owned pet store which means that not only will you be able to stock up on trending luxury pet supplies but you can also provide your pet with preventative medications such as tick and flea spot-ons, joint and skin supplements, wound care options and so much more. Vet Hyper also caters to new pet parents by offering specialised behavioural and training aids such as puppy pads, making potty training a breeze. For feline companions and canine friends, they have a tailored selection of imported products, not easily available elsewhere, to enrich your pet’s environment and improve their development.


The Power of Proper Nutrition

Vet Hyper promotes proper nutrition, the cornerstone of optimal pet health. Feeding your fur baby the best allows it to thrive with increased longevity, vitality, and overall well-being. Enhancing their health with a well-balanced diet provides your pet with complete nourishment as they will be getting just the right amount of essential minerals and nutrients to flourish. Knowing the type of food to purchase also depends on several factors such as existing ailments and age, in which the experts at Vet Hyper will lend a guiding hand.


Choosing the Right Toys

Brimming with energy and a desire to explore and interact with their environment, toys are a crucial element of your pet’s development. Interactive toys such as puzzle feeders, challenge their minds and keep them occupied reducing boredom and destructive behaviour. Tug toys and ropes provide a healthy outlet for chasing and play-fighting instincts, while plush toys offer comfort and security. In the absence of a designated scratching post, a cat may very well redirect its instincts toward your beloved furniture. Similarly, a dog denied the opportunity to chase and engage in playful tugs-of-war might find your shoes a tempting substitute for its natural desires.

Whether you are a seasoned pet parent or a new fur baby owner, keeping them in the lap of luxury while seeing to their nutrition and physical needs is simple when you have a store like Vet Hyper close by.


A Smooth and Efficient Shopping Experience

Located in Pretoria’s Lynnwood Ridge neighbourhood, Gift Acres Convenience Centre is an easily accessible vibrant shopping hub offering discerning customers a range of services and speciality stores. From an exclusive pet store to your favourite grocery outlet, we welcome fashionistas, gadget gurus, food fanatics and fur friend lovers alike. For a unique shopping experience under one roof, contact us.

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