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What Does Wellness Mean?

What Does Wellness Mean To You?

Wellness can mean many different things to people, but it is still worth considering what it means to you. There are a few different models that aim to create a complete picture of what wellness is, but they all agree that it transcends mere physical well-being and encompasses aspects including the state of one’s mind to the level of satisfaction we experience in our jobs. In this article we look at the different types of wellness and how Bosky Beauty and Wellness Studio located at Gift Acres contributes to your overall well-being with its beauty treatments.

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The Different Dimensions Of Wellness

There are eight different kinds of wellness. The best way to lead a healthy and happy life is to work on each facet of wellness without sacrificing any of the others. You wouldn’t want to enhance your physical wellness at the cost of your emotional or intellectual wellness, for example.

These are the different dimensions of wellness:

  • Physical: this includes taking care of your physical body with proper diet, exercise, and healthy habits.
  • Emotional: which entails understanding and accepting your and other’s feelings (empathy).
  • Intellectual: which encapsulates both the pursuit of knowledge and creative skills for their own sake.
  • Social: which considers our connections with others and our ability to maintain them.
  • Vocational: which entails job satisfaction and our continued ability to perform adequately.
  • Environmental: which is about looking after the environment to preserve it for us and others.
  • Financial: which is a reflection of our ability to spend wisely and save money.
  • Spiritual: the philosophical search for deeper meaning in our lives.

Bosky Beauty and Wellness Studio Cares About Your Wellness

The folks at Bosky Beauty and Wellness Studio care about your well-being and want you to live your best possible life. When they are assisting you with a beauty treatment or even just a new set of nails, they consider their clients’ needs and peace of mind. Consequently, they have made their salon a safe space in which you can be yourself and work towards being the best version of yourself with their beauty treatments.

The concept of beauty plays a role in nearly every aspect of wellness, making it an important part of our lives. Instead of us telling you how it all interconnects, we will instead leave it up to you to decide what wellness means to you and how you will use this insight to further guide your life. Visit Bosky Beauty and Wellness Studio for your next wellness appointment at Gift Acres Convenience Centre. We offer our shoppers a one-stop destination to make their lives just that bit easier. To view all our stores on offer, click here.

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