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Who Do You Find When You Google “Hardware Near Me”?

DIY at gift acres-drilling

Hardware stores are no less crucial than your local grocer when you need to get things fixed, and rather than patronising the box stores, googling “hardware near me” can often be the start of a great local relationship! For those who don’t know (although have likely noticed), hardware stores and nurseries have blurred over the last few decades in South Africa, as they have all over the world. Today’s hardware store supplies a lot more than hammers and nails! For many dads able to escape on a Saturday morning, the local hardware store is often the first choice.

Modern hardware stores cater for all the usual paraphernalia you might traditionally expect from a hardware store, and then some. Irrigation and pool fittings, gardening tools and consumables are all par for the course at your local hardware store nowadays. Nurseries for their part have started carrying a lot more hardware too, in line with international trends. Googling “hardware near me” can usually wrap up your hardware and gardening requirements in a single trip. The expansion of hardware stores particularly into the green realm has been good news for consumers.

It’s easy to forget just how convenient your closest shopping mall is when you drive past it every day, as a component of your neighbourhood, but that’s the silent value of shopping malls.

Thinking “Hardware Near Me” is Smart Thinking

Something else that consumers might not be aware of is that the advent of diverse national hardware players has made your local hardware store a lot more inventive, cost-conscious and welcoming. If you google “hardware near me” in your quest for a local outlet, you’re likely to find a far more reasonable and flexible supplier on your doorstep. Smaller hardware outlets have been forced to compete with big-box stores, and the way they’ve done it is often to ensure they stock the most relevant items for their local clientele, and also by maximising their service offering.

Nowadays consumers can typically enjoy a refined product offering, reasonable prices and great service at their local hardware store. Mid-sized stores especially provide better, more personalised service. Who doesn’t want that in their corner? If you’re in the Greater Tshwane area, googling “hardware near me” will likely turn up Builders Express at Gift Acres Convenience Centre. You can know that you’re in for great service and the right products to suit your needs when you visit. Builders Express boasts just the right balance of variety and relevance for any DIY project, with a reach into far more extensive supplies too.

Gift Acres is “Hardware Near Me” Made Real

Gift Acres has become a household name in Pretoria and beyond. As a prominent Pretoria shopping centre, we hold ourselves and our tenants to the highest standards. We house a range of great tenants to meet all your likely regular and irregular needs. We work hard to ensure that we’re a one-stop shopping experience, and our local and more distant customers alike very often wouldn’t be seen in any other mall because of it.

More than that, if our Builders Express doesn’t have the product you’re looking for, we have Pool Warehouse and Universal Paints to cater for those specific items you might need. Google “hardware near me” and it’s likely we’ll see each other soon! Come to Gift Acres for a complete hardware experience-you won’t need to go anywhere else ever again.


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