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Back to School Supplies for Busy Homes

Back to School Supplies for Busy Homes

With backpacks needing to be filled with fresh notebooks and sums to be done with sharp pencils, start this year’s educational adventures by stocking up on back to school supplies at Gift Acres Convenience Centre, situated in Pretoria East. From backpacks to stationery, tech-savvy gadgets and so much more, we conveniently have everything you need and a few items you want.

Back to school supplies, stationery and snacks

Creative Journeys and To-Do Lists

Rulers ensure order, highlighters illuminate important notes and colourful pens transform crisp stacks of paper into vibrant sketches. Whether it’s the satisfying click of a pen or the whisper of turning pages, the friendly staff at Forum Stationers are ready to relieve you of the burden of searching for that elusive sketchbook that your future artist needs. From paper clips to lever arch files, you can stock up on office goodies while able hands gather the back to school supplies your kids need.

An Abundance of Healthy Snacks

In a busy life, healthy snacks are often forgotten yet they are vitally important. Part of your back to school supplies should include nutritious snacks to keep energy levels stable, increase brainpower and prevent those terrible afternoon crashes or possible grumpy moments. Healthy snacks aren’t just for kids, parents could also benefit from the power of a good snack, a delicious way to invest in your health one bite at a time. From lunch to dinner and in between, Woolworths Food saves you time with their quick meal ideas and back to school snacks.

Lifestyle Specialists and More

With your back to school supplies and nutritious snacks purchased and perfectly packed, you have free time to meander through Gift Acres Convenience Centre. As the school athletics season is in full swing with the kids practicing daily, perhaps it is the ideal opportunity to get your family back on the fitness track. Lifestyle specialists such as NavWorld, Solomon Cycles and Thule will have you kitted with outdoor destination gear as well as gadgets that help keep fitness levels in check.

In the frenetic build-up to the start of school and work some important things may have been forgotten. The beauty of having a plethora of shops at your fingertips means that you can get everything done under one roof. While the kids are having their fringes trimmed at Hair Trends or the latest, permitted cut at Gents Barber why not spoil yourself with a pamper session at Bosky Beauty & Wellness Studio?

More Than a One-Stop Shop

At Gift Acres Convenience Centre, we are all about reclaiming those precious minutes providing you with a right here right now shopping experience. With the simplistic efficiency that our centre offers, you can take control of the frantic chaos and conquer errands as quickly as possible leaving you to carry on shopping at leisure. We have everything from home decor to hair stylists and Hokaai Meat Market, making sure that every need and want is catered for.

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