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Service and Repair Centre for Watches, Bicycles and Appliances

appliance service and repair centre at Gift Acres convenience centre

Are You Looking for a Service and Repair Centre for Your Watch, Bicycle or Appliances?

 If you are looking at upgrading to the latest high-end appliances, investing in city hybrid bikes or accessorising your wrist with a quality watch it is always prudent to ascertain whether the retail outlet you purchase your product from has accessibility to an on-site service and repair centre. Gift Acres Convenience Centre in Pretoria provides you with stores that cater to a multitude of interests and needs, including an independent appliance service and repair centre.

Watch service and repair centre

Trusted Appliance Professionals

Modern appliances are uniquely designed for simplified cleaning and time-saving efficiency. What happens when the appliance you have invested in runs over the warranty period and stops working? Do you replace it or find a service and repair centre in your area to have it fixed? If budget constraints dictate that replacement is not an option, you can rely on LDS Appliance, Spares and Repairs at Gift Acres Convenience Centre.

Appliance repairs, both large and small, can be left in the hands of the professionals who with their wealth of knowledge and expertise in the industry, guarantee to fix your appliance on-site. While “can’t-live-without” appliances are being serviced or repaired, you can meander through the centre and perhaps add to your electric utensil arsenal by investing in aesthetically pleasing, state-of-the-art, space-saving innovations from Euro Appliances. After all, you have found a trusted service and repair centre to make sure that what you have selected runs for decades.

appliance service and repair centre at Gift Acres convenience centre

On-Time, Every Time

Adorning your arm with a fashionable watch not only looks good but allows you, at a glance, to see the time. It is assumed that a superior quality watch or ornamental clock will run continuously, never bear the marks of scratches and when the packaging states waterproof, it remains so. Unfortunately, timepieces are infallible and may need the extra care that only the experts at Fix & Design By Mojet can provide.

Whether watch batteries need to be replaced or watch repairs undertaken, trusting your clock or watch in the hands of third-generation master jewellers is what makes them the undeniable professional service and repair centre for your timepiece.

Improve Your Fitness

Thoughts of cycling may be quickly abandoned when you find that your trusted “steed” no longer changes gears as effortlessly as it used to making even the slightest slope a physical challenge. Just like a car needs to be serviced regularly to ensure peak driving performance so does a bike. Solomons Cycles’ service and repair centre will ensure that the bike you invested in is regularly maintained, ensuring that all parts are in perfect working order.

From purchasing items that you have always wanted to be able to rely on the guaranteed availability of onsite service and repair centres keeping them regularly maintained, Gift Acres is a centre that sees to your every convenience.

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