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Bicycle Store | What Makes Solomon’s Cycles the Best Store?

Bicycle Store

From Beginner to Pro: How to Pick the Right Bicycle Store

Whether you are a go-at-your-own-pace pedaller or a competitive cyclist, making sure that you invest in a quality bike from a reputable bicycle store is paramount. A top-notch store is essential to every type of rider and will not only sell you a bike, but they will also be able to provide you with professional advice, and indispensable repair and maintenance services as well as connect you with cycling communities in your area.

Within the expansive corridors of Gift Acres Convenience Centre is a bicycle store that values customer service and quality workmanship above all else, namely Solomons Cycles.

Bicycle Store

Valued Expertise Meets Personalised Service

From the outer “kerb appeal” to the inner sanctum containing a wide variety of brand bicycles, the staff at Solomons Cycles is waiting to welcome you. Their experienced team will provide you with the right amount of product knowledge and guidance ensuring that you find a bicycle that best suits your cycling needs. They may even disclose a titbit or two about the best bike trails and where to stop for a quick refresher along the way.


More Than a Bicycle Store

Together with their exemplary service, what sets Solomons Cycles apart from any other bicycle store is their stock of high-performance bicycles and cycling accessories that feature some of the most innovative technologies from across the globe. They cater to a wide range of cycling disciplines, offering a vast selection of bikes, parts, and accessories for the dare-devil adventurer, touring professional and city slicker alike.

Solomons Cycles is more than a bicycle store, they are a lifestyle choice catering to a wide range of outdoor sporting enthusiasts. From fishing equipment to camping gear, while you tackle the bike paths, your loved ones can set up the tents and throw a line in the water.



The Latest Outdoor Technology

While you are waiting for the professionals to size your bike and gather your cycling accessories, pop into Gift Acres Convenience Centre’s other speciality stores. Let NavWorld take your adventuring and time trials to a new level with the latest outdoor destination innovative technology. Keep a digital record of your progress with DJI drones and fitness watches, or simply purchase a sleek bike rack, perfect for your new bicycle.


Your Premier Destination for Cutting-Edge Cycling Equipment and More

When it comes to finding a quality bicycle store, part of your selection process needs to include convenience and location, which is what Gift Acres Convenience Centre offers you. Why travel from one store to another in Lynnwood when you can find everything you need under one roof? Before hitting the track, tar or trail, stock up on energy drinks and protein bars at Woolworths Food and a couple of packets of top-grade biltong from Hokaai Meat Market. With us, you will have everything you need before the starter pistol goes off. Contact Gift Acres Convenience Centre today should you require further information.


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