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Thule | All Terrain and Jogging Strollers from Thule


Thule: Reliable Jogging Stroller at Gift Acres

Whether your enjoyment lies in scaling majestic mountains or exploring the natural landscape with loved ones, craving an active lifestyle means selecting the right gear from Thule. At Gift Acres Convenience Centre, we embrace the fact that families and friends enjoy convening with nature and are proud to have active brand stores such as Thule, offering top-tier outdoor accessories for adventure seekers.


Hit the Ground Running with Your Little One

From adults to babies, Thule has made sure that the entire family can indulge in various outdoor activities with their all-terrain and jogging strollers. What makes their strollers different from others is the sleek and lightweight design. These strollers have been uniquely manufactured for active parents who crave the freedom to jog or run with their kids in tow. With a Thule all-terrain and jogging stroller, you get to experience unmatched manoeuvrability at speed and conquer different terrains with ease, all the while keeping your precious cargo comfortable with a smooth, enhanced ride thanks to specialised suspension systems.


Chunky Designs or Camouflage Material?

Don’t be fooled by the outer appearance of all-terrain and jogging strollers, as chunky designs or camouflage material don’t necessarily translate to all-terrain. Let the professionals at Thule guide you in what you need to look for in a stroller for an active lifestyle:

  1. Seating

Just as you would expect the interior of an all-terrain vehicle to absorb the impact from different surfaces for a more comfortable ride, the same can be said for all-terrain and jogging strollers. Thule’s strollers are designed to distribute force and impact evenly, taking the strain off your baby or toddler’s delicate neck. Thule’s strollers come with a built-in canopy, keeping your little one comfortably shaded and protected.

  1. Wheels and suspension

The wheels of the stroller should be durable enough to withstand all types of terrain. You will notice that the wheels on the all-terrain and jogging strollers from Thule are slightly larger, having a better grip than standard stroller wheels. The entire structure of Thule’s all-terrain strollers is built to transition seamlessly from tarred surfaces to gravel and rocky paths, without transferring any varying surface shocks to your little one.


From the materials used to the wheels, all-terrain and jogging strollers from Thule are perfect for parents who love adventure. Whether you are conquering rocky paths, cruising along sandy shores or getting lost in the beauty of ancient forests, with Thule you and your little explorer are good to go.


Fuel Your Active Life with Thule

Along the expansive corridors at Gift Acres Convenience Centre is the biggest Thule store in Pretoria, where experienced staff are on hand to give you in-store demonstrations of all the latest outdoor gear. Whether you need roof racks for epic road trips, top-quality strollers for adventures with little ones or stylish bags and luggage that go anywhere, Thule has what you need. To engage your active lifestyle today, contact us.


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