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Cash Converters - Gift Acres - Lynwood

We’ve all been there, looking for a gift or a very specific item and wondering if it’s worth buying brand new. After all, you think as you hold the wine glass set, someone else must’ve owned something similar at one point and then no longer needed it. Couldn’t you just buy it second-hand, in that case?

Well, we here at Gift Acres Convenience Centre completely understand this line of thinking and have the perfect store for you, amongst many others.

Cash Converters at Gift Acres

If you find yourself on the corner of Lynnwood and Gift Acres Roads, you’re in the perfect position to come and visit Gift Acres Convenience. And if you head to Shop 19, right next door to Woolworths Food and Tattoo Tony Creations, you will find exactly what you have been looking for. That’s right, Gift Acres is home to Cash Converters, the one-stop shop for purchasing pre-loved and second-hand items.

If you are looking to buy a product that is second-hand, there is no better store to put your trust in. With over 26 years in South Africa and 30 years of success globally, the team at Cash Converters know exactly what they’re doing and can guarantee quality, in both products and services. Yes, Cash Converters can offer you more than simply pre-loved items, they can take your very own items off your hands and can even offer you financial assistance.

Regarding the items and products themselves, you will be spoiled for choice. From gaming equipment to jewellery and books and everything in between, you are guaranteed to find what you are looking for, whether it is for yourself or a gift for someone special. Cash Converters prides itself on giving its customers a fun place to shop, making for loyal customers who tend to return. So, if you are on the lookout for something specific, like a second-hand necklace that’s in great condition, why not come and try your hand at a treasure hunt in their aisles. If that sounds like too much of an excursion, we have some good news for you. Cash Converters has an online store available where you can shop 24/7 and have your chosen item delivered right to your doorstep. How convenient!

Now let’s move on to the financial services they can offer you: Cash Converters offers loans, namely, unsecured and secured. An unsecured loan means that a loan will be provided to you against your salary, while a secured loan is loaned against your valuable items, so you can walk out of the store with some cash in hand.

If you want to visit the best second-hand store in South Africa, contact us today.

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