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Finding Speciality Stores in Pretoria

Local Stores

While we have all visited large chain and retail stores for the simple convenience of finding everything under one roof, we can all agree that sometimes we’re just not in the mood for that. Retail stores tend to always be super busy with trolleys stacked up in aisles and queues that seem never-ending. Not to mention how overwhelming it can get searching through all those massive aisles, looking for one item.

That’s what makes speciality stores so, well, special. They usually supply very specific items in a wide range of brands. So, the next time you are looking for a particular item and don’t feel like having a stressful day, then maybe skip the big retailers and start exploring other speciality stores in Pretoria, especially those on offer at Gift Acres shopping centre. We can promise you one of the best selections of speciality stores in Pretoria.

Gift Acres and Speciality Stores Pretoria

Gift Acres is one of the most popular convenience centres in the Pretoria area. Our convenient location on the corner of Lynnwood and Gift Acres Roads means that we are not only very central, but also easily accessible from other main roads. So, there’ll be no need to wander down a multitude of confusing side streets or navigate your way across a dangerously busy road.

Location aside, you’re probably wondering how Gift Acres ties into what you’re looking for. Well, we have a wide range of stores, including some absolutely wonderful speciality stores.

Let’s take a look at some of the speciality stores in Pretoria that Gift Acres can give you access to (you will probably find exactly what you’re looking for):

  • BBB Exclusive Boutique: If you are a bride-to-be looking for the perfect dress for your big day, then look no further than this truly exceptional bridal boutique. They are a speciality store that stocks bridal and even evening wear for women. Should a special occasion be coming up, why not pop in and pay them a visit?
  • Bosky Beauty & Wellness Studio: Speaking of special occasions, perhaps you are looking for quality beauty treatments so that you look your absolute best. In that case, come visit Shop 25 and 26 at Gift Acres.
  • Euro Appliances: Looking to replace or buy some new kitchen appliances? Visit this specialised appliance store; you could even get a consultation from an expert.
  • Magic Dragon: Perhaps you have been curious about the CBD culture and have been looking into sampling some oils. Then Magic Dragon is the perfect place to discover a whole new world.
  • Matrix Warehouse: Are you a tech head or gamer in need of some support? Then come and visit Shop 23.
  • Navworld: Maybe you’re an outdoor aficionado looking to gear up for your next expedition. Then Navworld was made especially for you. Or check out Solomon’s Cycles if you specifically ride the trails.
  • Oasis Water: If you’re looking to stay hydrated, then head on down to Shop 31.
  • Vet Hyper: This store specialises in products that cater to the well-being of your pets.

If you’d like to explore our other speciality stores in Pretoria on offer, then contact us today.

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