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Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Father’s Day is around the corner and soon people are going to be on their annual mad rush for, let’s be honest, last-minute gifts. Even if you are one of those people that plans a little further ahead than the day of, it can still be a challenging endeavour.

After all, Father’s Day comes around every year and Father’s Day gift ideas start feeling less and less inspired. Some of us fall into the trap of continuously trying to outdo the year before and start stressing about what the best gift could be. Yet, some of us fall into the pattern of getting pretty much the same gift every time (things like socks and mugs) or even just a gift voucher. But, we here at Gift Acres think it’s time to freshen up the idea pool a little bit, so we are here for you this year.

fathers day gift ideas

The Best Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Knowing the challenge at hand, we have decided to compile a list of Father’s Day gift ideas for you. And we have made sure to incorporate something for every type of dad.

  • Biltong: It can’t be a South African Father’s Day without the mention of the best savoury snack in existence. What dad doesn’t love biltong? And the added bonus is that they won’t have to share for once (and that someone else bought it). If you’re looking for some good quality biltong, look no further than Woolworths Food (where you can also pick up chocolates or some lovely wine to pair) or Hokaai Meat Market (where you can also pick up some boerewors for the special Father’s Day braai we’re sure you’ll have).
  • Appliances: This is a great idea for all those gadget-loving fathers; the ones who love showing off the new appliance with all its amazing features. For any type of appliance, we would point you towards Euro Appliances. They have everything you could possibly need when it comes to kitchen appliances. Does your dad like to keep his drinks cold on a warm braai day? Then you can spoil him with a wine cooler or ice maker. Is your dad a workaholic who lives on caffeine or simply appreciates a good brew? Then take a look at one of their excellent quality coffee machines.
  • A Haircut: Now, this one may seem silly, but hear us out. Many dads don’t like to admit that they like being pampered, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t want to be from time to time. In between work and doing “manly” stuff, they may just appreciate a haircut and pamper that’s already been paid for at Gents Barber.
  • Outdoor Equipment: Finally, there are the adventurous dads, the ones who spend every weekend fishing, cycling, or camping. So, why not spoil them with a gift card or new gear from Thule?

So, if you want to give your dad the best gift this year, contact us at Gift Acres today.

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