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You Need a Furniture Store Near You, Here’s Why

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Congratulations, your student days are now a thing of the past. The days of sweating in a restaurant kitchen for twelve, arduous hours at minimum wage or waiting tables for tips until your feet blistered are now, thankfully, a mere memory in your daily diary.

Armed with your degree, you have found your first reliable job with a steady income at a reasonable wage. You save vigorously for the first few months and finally, you have the extra cash to invest in your very first solo flat or garden cottage which means that you need to find a furniture store near you.

From old to new

No more filthy flatmates or unreliable roommates just complete independence and space to breathe but, unfortunately, you find that this newly found freedom comes with its own problems. Moving in was the easy part. A crate of beer and your best mates friend with a bakkie does the trick in one load but you inevitably find that Aunt Jill’s hand me down, puke green coloured couch along with Gran’s bright blue and yellow Formica topped dining room table and that telephone stand with the one extra seat and a shelf for telephone directories that Mom gave you are just too out of place in the new, modern, separate bedroom mansion that you have newly acquired.

Even though these items were once “better than sitting on the floor,” they have now, with much sadness, reached their retirement date. After all, the couch’s seating pillows have now worn through to its yellow, sponge filled interior and the brightly coloured Formica on the table top has been wiped through to a battered brownish colour in three places.

Looking for the right couch

It is at this point that you begin typing in your google search bar “furniture store near me.” This might be difficult in some areas but, if you live in the east Rand or surrounds, the “furniture store near me” is literally just around the corner from you.

Located conveniently at the corner of Lynwood and Gift Acres roads, you’ll find the Gift Acres Convenience Centre. At shop number twenty four, you’ll find the pot of gold at the end of your rainbow.

Your “furniture store near me” will appear in the form of Falcon Furniture. You will be able to safely and securely furnish your new abode with the latest, most modern selection of furniture and accessories at an extraordinarily wallet friendly investment.

While you are exploring Gift Acres Convenience store for that illusive “Furniture store near me” you might want to pop in to Cash Converters to find out whether they are prepared to take your Aunt Jill’s couch or maybe Moms telephone table.

You will very soon find that Gift Acres will not only be the “furniture store near me” but will also become your one stop apartment shop for all of your new homes wants and needs. If you are not too sure where to find your “furniture store near me”, contact us and we will point you in the right direction.

Strange what you can find by just typing in “furniture store near me” isn’t it?

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