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Hardware & Homeware from Builders Express

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Get all Your Hardware & Homeware from Builders Express

Whether you fancy yourself a DIY enthusiast or plan to spruce up the interior of your home this summer, Builders Express can provide you with all the hardware & homeware needed. Ideally situated at Gift Acres Convenience Centre, this speciality store can provide you with anything from pot plants to drill bits, making it possible to convert your home and garden into an oasis of peace and tranquillity, without breaking the bank.

Hardware & homewearFrom DIY Projects to Home Decor

Creating the home or garden that you want is as simple as popping into Builders Express for the best quality hardware & homeware materials, as well as professional advice on complete project solutions and gardening ideas. By offering a comprehensive range at highly competitive prices and an inviting customer-friendly store layout, Builders Express is designed to make your shopping experience as seamless as possible. Why waste time visiting various paint stores or home decor warehouses when Builders Express gives you all you could need and more under one roof?

Professional Service Combined with a Wealth of Knowledge


Quite often, idealised home projects cannot come to full fruition as the skills and equipment are lacking. Being able to access a hardware & homeware store such as Builders Express not only gives you access to the right tools and accessories needed to complete a task or decorate your home, but also knowledgeable staff that will guide you in selecting the correct materials and equipment enabling you to complete any renovation, repair or home decor job with relative ease.

Bring Your Projects to Life

Let Builders Express help you take your home decor and outdoor areas from drab to fab by adding a spot of colour on monochrome interior walls, completing your patio areas, adding a decorative plant or two in living spaces and perhaps getting those floating shelves that you have always wanted. Builders Express provides you with all the building materials and tools that you could possibly need, giving you time to decorate or renovate your personal space at your leisure.

As Benjamin Franklin so aptly said, “Don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today.” Perhaps it’s time to head to Gift Acres Convenience Centre in Lynwood and let Builders Express help you tackle that growing list of DIY projects.

Your Vibrant Retail Hub

At Gift Acres Convenience Centre, we want your retail or DIY hardware & homeware buying experience to be as pleasant as possible and have done that by offering you a selection of speciality stores to choose from. We are a vibrant retail hub with every store going beyond just selling products by offering specialist advice. Whether you are looking to purchase camping gear or appliances, click here to see which stores your one-stop convenience centre has to offer.

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