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All Your Outdoor Adventure Technology

Gift Acres Navworld for outdoor adventure technology

All Your Outdoor Adventure Technology under One Roof

outdoor adventure technology

 Should your summer adventures have you hiking along unknown paths, scaling rocky outcrops or simply gazing at a blanket of stars, it helps to have outdoor adventure technology to guide you along the way, capture nature’s beauty, and enhance the overall experience. Gift Acres Convenience Centre provides a safe and comfortable way to navigate challenging trails, bridging the gap between the outdoors and your adventure aspirations. Here, you’ll discover a comprehensive selection of adventure gear to help you reconnect your soul with nature.

Where Real Adventure Starts

Outdoor adventure technology is uniquely designed and manufactured to make it easier for you to explore without getting lost, take breathtaking aerial footage, and keep your fitness levels in check whether walking, hiking, or cycling. Nestled in Gift Acres Convenience Centre is NavWorld, South Africa’s fastest-growing lifestyle, outdoor, and adventure partner.

Navigating Your World

NavWorld ensures that you are well-equipped with automation, catering to a diverse range of interests, whether you’re focused on enhancing your golf game or conquering mountain peaks. Run by a team of adventurers with a passion for the outdoors, NavWorld strives to deliver the latest and most innovative mobile outdoor adventure technology. Should you be taking your first steps into the world of fitness or are a seasoned pro looking to upgrade your current technology, the staff are always on hand to advise and train you on your choice of products.

Here are some of the gizmos and gadgets offered by NavWorld:

  • Garmin watches are the perfect complement to those who are seeking to keep track of fitness levels, get access to training plans and while doing so, listen to your favourite motivating playlist. You can create your own hiking, running, or cycling course to map out a route that will guide you along the safest trails and bike tracks.
  • NavWorld’s DJI drones take adventure technology to new heights, allowing you to capture seldom-seen aerial photos and videos. Encompassing the latest automation in a lightweight design makes them a handy companion for intrepid explorers.
  • From the basic to the sublime, NavWorld’s fitness watches will assist you in monitoring your heart rate, activities, movements, and steps.

NavWorld offers a wide range of accessories for Garmin watches including wristbands, heart rate monitors, cable chargers, power packs, and so much more.

Where Real Adventure Starts

Ideally situated in Pretoria, Gift Acres Convenience Centre offers adventure enthusiasts and fitness gurus everything you need under one roof. Whether you’re searching for a mountain or road bike, camping accessories, backpacks, or cutting-edge outdoor adventure technology, we have it all for you. Additionally, our grocery and food stores enable you to conveniently stock up on supplies before embarking on your exploration of the unknown. If you find yourself in Lynwood’s vicinity, be sure to visit our centre. You will find abundant parking and friendly and knowledgeable staff at every store. Simply contact us today for easy directions.

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