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Hardware Store

Fix, Build, Create: Gift Acres’ Hardware Store Has It All

Whether you are conquering that long, overdue to-do list of home repairs or unleashing your inner artisan with custom furniture builds, having a reliable hardware store close by is an advantage. Hitting a project snag only to find that the missing piece and professional assistance is kilometres away, is not ideal. What you need is a handy store nearby that stocks all things DIY to keep your creative flow or repair momentum going.

Builders Express at Gift Acres Convenience Centre isn’t just brimming with all the hardware essentials you need, it’s also conveniently located in Pretoria, making it easy to get your DIY on without an extensive detour.

Hardware Store

A Hardware Store that Stands Out

While Builders Express may not be the solution for large-scale construction projects, this hardware store has become a valuable resource for everyday renovators, homeowners and DIY enthusiasts. As they focus on essential hardware items and possess a wealth of knowledge to assist you, finding the right tools and guidance for the job at hand makes Builders Express at Gift Acres Convenience Centre the perfect go-to option. From nuts and bolts to hinges and hammers, they have what you need to start ticking off those items on your list.


From Dowdy to Dazzling

Builders Express is more than a hardware store, they offer aspiring decorators and home renovators a select range of lighting, bathroom accessories, wall art and so much more. Budget-friendly options allow you to redecorate from ceiling to floor, transforming living spaces into sanctuaries of peace. Experts can assist you in selecting wall paint that uplifts existing décor or mix a signature colour that blends in seamlessly. From throw rugs to toilet holders, you can get started with your affordable home makeover and still have enough in the budget to include a couple of indoor plants.



Simple Tricks to Warm Your Home

Old pieces of furniture that you have bought through thrift shops or have been gifted to you can easily be upcycled with a modern twist. Universal Paints offers a range of chalk paints specifically manufactured for furniture, adding a pop of colour to wooden furniture without detracting from its original handcrafted charm.

Whether your home décor, renovations or DIY projects require a complete build or a boldly painted accent wall, Gift Acres Convenience Centre can turn your vision into reality.


Effortless Accessibility on Your Doorstep

Ideally situated in Lynwood, Gift Acres Convenience Centre isn’t just about getting the job done, we are about making it a pleasure. Our service and speciality stores will transform your overall shopping experience with each store offering superior-quality service and abundant advice so that you leave with exactly what you need and perhaps a few items that you didn’t know you wanted. Whether you need a hardware store or a butcher, we have it all. If you are ready to explore all that our centre has to offer, contact us.

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