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The Gift Acres Shops

Local Stores

If you live in the Lynwood area, or even Pretoria East, you have probably heard about Gift Acres Convenience Centre. After all, we are a centre known for providing the ultimate shopping experience to all.

Located on the corner of Lynnwood and Gift Acres Road, we are easily accessible from main roads, meaning shopping no longer has to be a hassle. There are many things that make shopping at Gift Acres worth your while, but, today, we want to focus your attention on a specific factor to our success: our variety of stores. More specifically, our anchor tenants, the popular retail outlets that create so much draw to the public.

Who Are the Gift Acres’ Shops?

Here at Gift Acres, we are proud of the variety of stores we can offer our customers. In fact, if you have a look at our Store Guide, you will see that we have 40 stores in our centre. With this many options, you are guaranteed to find what you need on a shopping trip or, at the very least, walk away with something you didn’t even know you wanted.

At Gift Acres, there are a variety of types of shops, from grocery and speciality stores to restaurants. But, what are our specific stores and what do they offer?

  1. Cash Converters. With over 30 years of global success, Cash Converters has fast become one of our anchor tenants. Located at Shop 19 right next door to Woolworths (another one of our anchor tenants), you will find your one-stop shop for second-hand items. From toys to jewellery, you are guaranteed to find the perfect item on your hunt through the aisles. And, if you are not too keen for a stroll, you can visit their online store and have your chosen item delivered right to your doorstep. Cash Converters can even offer you financial assistance in the form of loans. What can’t they do for you?
  2. Woolworths Food. In South Africa, Woolworths has become synonymous with quality and prestige. Our very own Woolworths Food is no different. They take their business values and clientele seriously. As such, they will always live up to your expectations as they hold themselves to the highest standards. Plus, if you’re getting a little tired of shopping, you can stop over at Woolworths Café, which is located right next door, for a lovely cup of coffee.
  3. Builders Express. If you are looking for excellent value for your money and quality DIY products, then look no further than Builders Express. They always have experts on hand, ready to advise you on all your gardening, home, and DIY queries. If this sounds like what you’re looking for, head on over to Shop 1, right next to Thule.

So, if you find yourself intrigued by Gift Acres’ Shops and want to know more, contact us today.

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