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The Many Stores at Gift Acres

Stores at Gift Acres

When shopping, we are all looking for two things: convenience and variety. After all, life can be stressful with the many responsibilities we face, so why should shopping be another challenge that adds to this?

Here at Gift Acres Convenience Centre, we can offer you the ultimate shopping experience. Convenience is quite literally our middle name and we boast a vast variety of stores that can cater to your many needs.

What Are the Types of Stores at Gift Acres?

As we have already mentioned, Gift Acres is home to a number of shops and stores. Each one caters to the various needs of our loyal customers and they are all easy to find, thanks to our handy Store Guide. But, you’re probably wondering about the specifics right about now. Can we really cater to all your needs? What types and categories of stores do we have?

  • DIY: We’ll start with one of our anchor stores for this one. If you’re looking for anything DIY, home, or garden related, then look no further than Builders Express.
  • Food: Feeling hungry on your way back from the office and can’t cook due to all the load-shedding? Well, we have a KFC with a 24-hour drive-through for such occasions
  • Groceries: Now, this one is pretty important. Grocery shopping is a weekly occurrence for most people and, as such, you need to know that the centre you choose has a decent grocery store. Well, you’re in luck at Gift Acres, the proud home of Woolworths Food, arguably one of the best grocer franchises in the country. If you are in the market for something more specific, like meat for your braai, then we also have Hokaai Meat Market available at store 31.
  • Service Providers: As this category is more general, this list is much longer, but that only serves to your advantage. Looking to purchase or sell second-hand goods? Then head on over to Cash Converters. Maybe you have an important event coming up? Then visit Core Catering Supplies. Need a watch fixed? Mojet is at your service. If you need a haircut, then you can visit either Gents Barber or Hair Trends.
  • Speciality: Yes, we even have speciality stores at Gift Acres. These stores cater to more niche and specialised needs, like BBB Exclusive Boutique, which specialises in evening and bridal dresses. Seriously, we can meet so many of your needs here. Looking for new appliances? Then there’s Euro Appliances, right next door to Magic Dragon where you can find all kinds of CBD products. Are you an outdoorsy person with a taste for adventure? Then Navworld is exactly what you need. We even have an Oasis Water store to help keep you hydrated in this summer heat.

The best part? We haven’t even mentioned all of our other stores at Gift Acres! So, if you want to come and explore the stores at Gift Acres, contact us today.

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