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Your closest KFC – You Really do Need it

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Should you have grown up in a large town or city, you would know the experience of the tantalizingly tasteful treat of having mom or dad driving up to your closest KFC and getting a barrel of scrumptious chicken pieces for those Friday’s when mom just didn’t feel like cooking or a family pack for when the Springboks played the All Blacks or a streetwise five for when your friend came for a sleep over. 

Regardless of the memories you are now conjuring up in your head of your own personal experiences of your closest KFC and why you chose that chicken fillet burger because “the sauce just tastes better,” or the streetwise two because you were on a student budget at the time, you would inevitably not even have given a second thought to those who have moved from the big city to one of those tiny towns.

You only miss it when you don’t have it

You know the kind of town, don’t you? One of those little towns with one traffic light; a satellite police station and that one church that wakes you from your sleep-in slumber at 7am on a Sunday morning with the clanging of bells ringing. Yup, those kinds of tiny towns where your closest KFC is 30, 50 or 70 kilometres away. 

This is when one has to do due diligence with a fair amount of cunning calculations in order to get your fried chicken fix. One has to find out who works in the larger towns or travels frequently to them for the closest KFC to you. Having grown up with those marvellous memories of your closest KFC, one can just not do without the smoothest mash and gravy and uniquely fried chips with those coleslaw combined combos as an extra side dish… Heaven!

You are now prone to pay for petrol and transportation of your favourite comfort food but it is worth every cent. As it arrives, the family dives into the prescribed order, loving every delicious moment of it.

The pure convenience

If you live in the east Rand or surrounds, however, you definitely won’t be thinking of those small town blues. Just a hop, skip and a jump from you on the corner of Lynwood and Gift Acres roads, you will find Gift Acres Convenience Centre where, at shop 40, your closest KFC and favourite takeaway treats await you.

You could meander through the centre admiring the plethora of convenient shopping stops and maybe, trade an old cell phone for a pre-loved tumble dryer or stock up on some winter clothes, groceries or maybe invest in a few tools and hardware for that DIY project that you’re probably not going to get to this weekend. You’ll be spoilt for choice as you move towards that unmistakable aroma of fried chicken, mash and gravy and chips. If the weather is just too bad to risk the swim from the parking lot to the most convenient entrance at the Gift Acres Convenience Centre or whether it is just too late to bother walking, you could always opt for the friendly, prompt drive through service which is open from 06h00 to 23h00 on most days, where your delicacies are only an arm stretch away.

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