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Ceiling to Floor Fitment and Home Decor Specialists

Lomtis Home at Gift Acres Convenience Centre

Lomtis Home – Your Ceiling to Floor Fitment and Home Decor Specialists

From breathing new life into tired layouts to carving out space for growing families, home renovations are a canvas for reinvention. Upgrading an existing layout by simply replacing tired cornices is possible when your home decor aspirations are done through Lomtis Home, a company that infuses every corner with a renewed sense of personality and purpose. For stylish, modern interior decor that restores balance to your home, pop into Gift Acres Convenience Centre where you will find Lomtis Home’s home decor showroom, displaying endless decorating possibilities.

Home Decor specialists - Lomtis Home - Gift Acres Convenience Centre

When Should You Consider Redecorating?

Home decor isn’t just about silencing the whispered pleas of cracking paint and wear, it’s about metamorphosis. Simple touches like replacing sheer worn curtains or swapping out threadbare hanging fixtures for modern lighting can be surprisingly transformative. As small as these whispers are, they will start to reveal your home’s true beauty, one brushstroke at a time. Lomtis Home will help you reflect the vibrant story within so that you can awaken in a home renewed.

Simple Touches Make the Difference

As a growing home decor outlet, Lomtis Home would like to introduce a few of their finishes to you and at the same time share some tips on how simplistic it is to give your home a “facelift”:

  1. From the ceiling

Besides hanging new light fixtures and applying a fresh coat of paint, ceilings are often neglected in redecorating plans. Having brighter rooms is as easy as replacing old ceiling boards with stylish and modern PVC ceilings. Suspended ceilings provide a clean finish whilst at the same time concealing unsightly cables and pipes. Plain or intricately patterned cornices add a touch of elegance and charm, bringing character to any room.

  1. To the floor

Lomtis Home’s home decor extends to complementing floors with new ceiling designs. If you are considering replacing your carpets with an aesthetic that is easy to maintain, tiles and other flooring such as laminated wood are the perfect choice. With PVC ceilings enhancing the space, look and feel of a room, imagine what textured tiles can do. Skirting boards are the perfect buffer between painted walls and applied flooring, often covering uneven surfaces and joins.

Having a ceiling-to-floor approach towards renovations and decorating allows us to present you with a variety of ideas that can take tired spaces and turn them into peaceful retreats.

Shopping, Decorating and More Under One Roof

Gift Acres Convenience Centre welcomes the new store, Lomtis Home to the burgeoning DIY, speciality, grocery, food and appliance stores to name a few, that have become part of the Gift Acres family. Ideally situated on the corner of Lynnwood and Gift Acres Roads in Pretoria, take the time to visit a centre that has your convenience at heart and where you will find anything from bikes to biltong and building supplies.


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